Discover the Fascinating World of Tulips

Discover the Fascinating World of Tulips

Is anyone else's bucket list include visiting fields and fields of tulips?!?  It is definitely on mine!! 

Before becoming a flower farmer I thought wow, that's a lot of flowers to harvest!!  Little did I know these fields are not for the production of the blooms, but for the bulbs!  These types of farms are who provide us farmers with what we need to produce our beautiful blooms for you!!

Tulips are in season and ready to blow you away with their seemingly endless array of colors and shapes! From classic single cup, to the extra fluffy peony style tulips there is something for every design. 

Tulips are said to represent perfect love, whether romantic or familial, and as one of the earliest flowers of spring, they can also represent rebirth and change. This makes tulips the perfect flower for weddings, gifts to loved ones and as a way to mark important events like babies, engagements and new jobs. 

One of the most interesting aspects of a tulip is how it continues to grow after being cut. Not only will the stem elongate but it will grow towards light making them twist and bend in beautiful ways. Have you heard of the trick of putting a penny in the water to keep them straight? Well, if it actually works, it would because copper is a fungicide that helps keep the water clear. However, modern pennies aren’t made with enough copper to do any good so your best bet is to just keep the water clean and the tulips in a dark spot to get them to stand upright. 


Tulip season really marks the beginning of local flowers and the start of the farmer’s busy season. Here we go!

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