Rose Availability

Are you interested in purchasing Local Roses?
You might wonder why you don't see them listed on availability,
but see them available via Instagram. 
Forecasting availability is very difficult with our finnicky Maryland weather. 
So if you are interested in purchasing roses, check out the information below!!


Roses will be ordered directly from the Petal Patch website and available for pick up or delivery with your Monocacy Valley Flower Co-op Order. 


* Roses will be listed each Sunday at noon on my website’s
wholesale page

* The password will be in your MVFC email from that week. 
( Roses519 )

* Ordering will be open until Monday at 5pm. 

* You will have to pay for the Roses at time of purchase on the
Petal Patch website

* There is no minimum for pick up.

* If you want delivery, you must have a delivery order already with the MVFC 

*  Delivery is not available for Roses Only