Pre-Order Guidelines & Online Submission Form

Monocacy Valley Flower Co-Op is excited to announce that we have reworked our previous “Wish List” system (now called a Pre-Order) with new guidelines and a new ordering process. Please read below & let us know if you have any questions! 
  • By filling out the submission form online, clients are
    pre-ordering flowers for their event. The submission form is NOT a quote request or a wish list form.  
  • Once a pre-order is confirmed by the co-op, clients are committed to buying the flowers we have set aside for them. 
  • If MVFC can provide 20% or less of the order, clients are not required to purchase the flowers. 
  • We understand cancellations may happen – color palettes change, events get cancelled, etc. We will allow cancellations with reasonable notice (no less than 3 weeks), however habitual cancellations will be noted and pre-orders may no longer be allowed.  
  • Once a client submits their Pre-Order request, they will receive an acknowledgement email from MVFC.  
  • If MVFC is at capacity for the week requested, clients will receive an email declining their request. 
  • Requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis

Pre Order Form

If you have a mood board you would like to submit, Please submit it to Please make sure to label the email by the Event Name & Date.